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With experience on every major e-Commerce platform I can confidently say that Shopify offers the most powerful e-commerce arsenal, which is why I have partnered with them.

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Founder & Director

e-Commerce is my passion and the reason I created Action Holdings. Since I was 3, I’ve always found fulfillment in building things. When I sold my first product through the internet at age 8, I became fairly obsessed with aligning my skills with those things that brought me fulfillment.

I’ve always been ultra focused on high performance and not settling for less. This mindset and approach (sometimes to my own detriment) has bled into all areas of my life including my health, education, business, and relationships.

I primarily measure business success through sales, net profitability, technological efficiency. I consider partnerships where my company can share risk and contribute directly to revenue or bottom line growth.

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Current projects in consumer electronics, kitchen products, and home goods.

Completing my degree in IT (slowly, but surely!)