Workshop #2 – 4/22

Workshop #2 – April 22, 2016, 4:00PM – 5:00PM, UT Technology Club, JS 283

In this workshop we focused on Microsoft DreamSpark, Microsoft Virtual Academy, and Personal Branding. DreamSpark gives students professional level developer and designer tools at no cost. All students need to do is sign up for an account and verify their status as a student. There are also plans available for educators and academic institutions. With DreamSpark you will gain access to Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, OneNote, GitHub Developer Pack, Visual Studio, Xamarin, Microsoft Virtual Academy, Certification programs, and more. Microsoft Virtual Academy provides online courses and training from industry professionals covering topics including Game development, Cloud development, Visual Studio, Xamarin, C#, IoT, Web development, Database development, and much more. These courses are very useful, even for student with absolutely no experience. There is an entire section dedicated to beginner courses. Lastly, we discussed personal branding in the online world. Every student should take advantage of the special domain offers (links below) available to them. As the internet becomes more and more relevant in society it is important that you can control your “brand” online. After ordering a domain you can set up a basic website through WordPress, GoDaddy, or better yet you can build a site using tutorials from Microsoft’s ChooseToCode course. There is nothing to lose by publishing a personal website with links to a resume, blog, about page, contact form, or other page that makes it easier for people searching for you to find and learn more about you.

Workshop #2 - Web development with Microsoft

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Important Links

1) DreamSpark Sign-up for Students

2) DreamSpark Sign-up Tutorial

3) Choose To Code Course

4) Microsoft Virtual Academy

5) Get your .COM domain for 99 cents here

6) Get your .ME domain for FREE here (Students ONLY)

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