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I specialize in building websites with WordPress and Shopify.  Contact me today and I will be happy to assist you with all of your web development needs.

My Web Process


The Discovery phase is all about YOU, the client.

Upon our initial meeting, we will discuss and brainstorm the best way to approach your unique website. We determine your target audience and focus on catching their interest. We find out who your online competitors are to see if we can do things in a more effective manner.

We will look at any sites that you admire and incorporate your preferences into designing your website. The depth of your web content is explored along with any design-related ideas such as color and imagery.


During the Design phase, we take all of your information and try to communicate those ideas visually.

We pay extra attention to creating a website with user-friendly navigation and interactivity. The result is a home page draft that provides a clear & focused direction. Before moving on, approval of a design layout is required from the client.


Upon approval of a design layout, we send our designers into the laboratory to start building your site. Scripts are written, Flash interactivity is programmed and pages are built.

Feedback from the client is crucial to ensuring that this phase goes smoothly. As milestones are set, progress is constantly being reviewed by the client and the designer will quickly make the changes needed.


Before launching your site, we meticulously comb through every aspect of your site. Rigorous testing ensures that all videos work, all audio plays, spelling is correct and so forth.

I am a Hootsuite Certified Expert

Hootsuite is a social media management tool intended to make your life easier. It makes it easy and less time-consuming to manage several different social media accounts, including regular posting and commenting, all from a single dashboard.