Static or Dynamic? Know The Difference – Your Website Depends On It

Know The Difference

Generally speaking, there are two types of websites – static sites and dynamic sites. If you are not familiar with the differences between the two, then you may not notice any major differences between sites at first glance. While website aesthetics are not at risk when choosing between static and dynamic, the entire function of your website is at risk.


Static websites are just that – static. That is, they remain unchanged day in and day out. Each user that visits the site receives the same user experience every time. Static websites are super fast, efficient, and cost nothing to host because content is served exactly as it is stored on the server (HTML, CSS, JS). If you are looking to build a simple website with only a few pages then you should consider a static site. Plus they can handle tons of traffic without a high risk of failure.


Dynamic websites, on the other hand, generate content on the spot with each request that comes in from a user. This request is sent to a web app that builds the content and spits it back to the user in real time. The server can customize the user experience based upon factors like web-browser and location. This makes dynamic websites more functional and user friendly. However, dynamic websites can be costly to host (costs range depending on size of website files) and have slow load times, with higher rates of site failure.


It is important to weigh out your options here as this is a big decision to make for your personal or business website. My suggestion is to first identify exactly what you are looking to get out of your specific website. Remember to think long-term because it may not be so simple to change your decision later in the future. For more functionality choose a dynamic website and use a CMS like WordPress (realizing it carries some baggage). For more simplicity choose a static website and build it from the ground up using basic HTML and CSS.

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