The Opportunity That Is The Internet

We are living in a time where there is more opportunity than ever before. Why is this the case? Because of the internet.

At the tip of your fingertips you have access to literally anything you want to know or learn about. Besides the wealth of knowledge and data (over 5 million terabytes worth of information is on the internet) available through the internet there is so much business opportunity. Say, for example, 22 year old Sally Sue developed a new product back in the day – let’s say in 1960. She wanted to bring to bring this product to market. Unfortunately, her options were very limited. She could open a store front which entails high overhead costs (think rent, employees, inventory, maintenance, taxes) and limited market options. Or she could decide not to enter the market. This is an oversimplified model, but I think 9/10 times we can agree that this person didn’t enter the market.

Nowadays, Sally Sue, can utilize the internet and go and take video courses from Udemy (on the internet), learn about the best way to bring her product to market (probably on the internet), and create a nice business for herself (on the internet). Once Sally learns everything she can about the best way to bring this product to market she can set up a beautiful e-commerce website for a few hundred dollars, create social media channels (for free), and market to the entire world. Plus, her overhead costs are greatly diminished because it takes far fewer resources to operate an online business than brick and mortar store (more here). Additionally, the internet provides a layer of security that was never available before.


In my opinion, the greatest value that the internet brings (generally) is in access. We have access to an entire market (the world) that doesn’t care about your age, sex, race, religion, or gender. The market is the market is the market and if you can find a way to do something better than the competition, then there is a major opportunity available to you. I think it is amazing to observe that the average online shopper spent over $1,800 during the 2015 year and this amount is on the rise.

The internet is our future. Technology is our future. Social media is our future. What you need to figure out is how to capitalize on the opportunities available through these channels and start producing for them, rather than consuming their content. More on the importance of production later.

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